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“Together We Can” Conference, Lafayette LA

Rene Howitt spoke at the 11th annual “Together We Can” conference in Lafayette, LA. on Oct. 28th-30th, 2013.  She presented a workshop entitled “Abuse—Replacing Polyvictimization.”

The Together We Can Conference is a multi-disciplinary event that is highly respected as the place to go for child abuse and neglect training for CASA, CAC, Judges, parents’ attorneys, children’s attorneys, parent attorneys, social workers, Indigent Defenders, DCFS workers, education professionals, foster and adoptive parents, law enforcement professionals, mental health professionals, and more!

The TWC conference began in 2002 as a merger between two events that were very similar and often had the same speakers – the Families in the Balance Conference and the Justice for Children Conference. Since then we have had several other organizations also merge into the coalition working annually to present this conference. This year the Louisiana Foster and Adoptive Parents Association will be merging their event with the Together We Can Conference! We welcome you to the TWC family!

The Together We Can conference offers in-depth learning opportunities which address policy and practice concerns. There will be keynote addresses focused on the latest trends and institute sessions allowing more intensive attention to the selected topics. An awards evening will be held on Tuesday evening to honor those who have demonstrated commitment above and beyond on behalf of children.

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COPE24 Parenting Skills Program for Child Welfare Workers, Foster Care Agencies, Hospitals and Community Groups

Call 314-488-3766 or email Rene Howitt for set-up, purchase and pricing.

What does the program include?

We’ve taken 10 very common frustrating parenting situations and put them into a program, so that we can begin discussing with our youth the realities of parenting. This program includes:

  1. Teacher/Instructors manual meeting all national curriculum standards
  2. Manual also includes student worksheets and pre/post student surveys
  3. 10 parenting scenario videos. Each parenting video situation is approx. five-minutes in length. There is one video situation for each of the 10 chapters of this program

The teacher/instructor would begin the class by showing one video. Each scenario will escalate to the point of abuse, neglect, or dysfunction. The video is then stopped and the teacher/instructor can turn to class asking….what went wrong? What other choices did the parents have? What will you do?