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Free Classroom Video “The Game”

COPE24 is providing this free downloadable video as a thank you to all who are trying to educate our youth on the responsibilities of parenting. Shaken baby (SBS) or severe head trauma is a form of child abuse easily prevented. I have spent the last several years in your classrooms talking about the challenges of dealing with a crying baby. This is a game that I have played in classrooms across the nation after presenting information to students about how frustrating this situation is. How easy it is for us to have this thought and how damaging and life altering this one moment can be. I wish that I could visit every school in the nation but that isn’t realistic. I have ended my presentation by playing this game with your students. I always get the same response no matter if the students are seniors or freshmen or if it is at the beginning or end of the semester. Now you can show this video to them. I recommend you stop the video after every question so that you can hear and see your own students responses.

Videos give me the opportunity to reach so many more students than possible in person. While at our website please take the time to look at trailers of our other reality-based documentary videos. Thank you to all educators who see the tremendous value in in making parenting, child development and family relations education a priority. Creating healthier parents will lead to healthier families, healthier communities and a healthier nation.
Rene Howitt

AMAZING! Simply amazing. Rene this is seriously, awesome! I’m going to totally use this with my classes this trimester. It is such an important topic!
Health Teacher
Lorin Kelly
Homestead High School
Milwaukee, WI