“Family: It’s Complicated,” Renee Howitt Releases Powerful Bible Study, Scripturally Confronts Adverse Childhood Experiences That Leave Us Broken

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As most, if not all, of us have found, life can burn one-heck-of-a fierce curve ball across the plate — and you better know how to hit it. Author and Advocate Renee Howitt swung for the fences and knocked it out-of-the-park! And as she ran the bases of life and crossed Home Plate, Renee found herself with a new career — no, a new mission — in child advocacy. It all went down unexpectedly when a phone call ignited a four-year-fight for a couple of kids she and her husband treasured and wanted to help…

“My childhood was good, that was not what got me into child advocacy,” Howitt reflects. “My husband’s oldest brother had begun one hellacious mid-life crisis. He got involved with another woman who became pregnant with his child.” Subsequently, the man left his wife of 25 years and three sons and married what turned out to be a deeply troubled woman who already had a two-year-old.

Howitt and her husband wanted to help and opened their lives to the couple. “So, in the next three years, we will be the new support system for this couple and have these kids at our house three, four, five times a week,” she recounts. “It’s not day care, I’m just offering some relief for this mom who is clearly very troubled, and with a newborn and a toddler — that’s not a good combination! She has lost her career and my brother-in-law is restarting his career — it’s a very stressful time for them.”

Things went from bad to worse and push finally came to shove. “When these kids get to be about three and five years old,” she continues, “we make […]

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Taking in two foster children sent Renee Howitt on a journey that changed her life. Learn the story of how her experience led her to become an author and founder of a non-profit child advocacy organization, COPE24…Changing Our Parenting Experience.

Family: It’s Complicated

The health of our families is the health of our nation. From the first book of the Bible to the latest news headline, every household has its own generational story of how they interacted, reacted, and treated one another.

Rene Howitt, author of the DVD and COPE24 founder, was a presenter at GATFACS in January of 2012 leading the session entitled “Better Parenting Skills: Reducing Child Abuse Through Youth… Our Future Parents.” I was privileged to have Ms. Howitt in my classroom for a day prior to the conference. She shared personal stories, clips from the Parenting Skills Program, and listened to concerns voiced by my students. The Parenting Skills Program includes two scenarios, a positive and a negative, concerning several areas of potential conflict for parents. Areas include Crying Baby, Co-Sleeping/Bed Sharing, Bedtime, Tantrum, Potty Training, Negative Parenting, Homework, Dress/Clothing, Report Card, and Sexual Abuse. These informative clips have prompted in-depth discussion with and among my students.

— Bonnie Pritcher, ECE/FCCLA, Effingham County High School
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