Due to the incredible demands put on our nation’s teachers during this crisis, COPE24 has decided to make our full-length videos available free on-demand through May 2020.

These include:

  • Life-Line – Identifying the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • The Life Sentence – Identifying the  consequences of shaken baby syndrome
  • Parenting Under The Influence – Identifying the risks of substance abuse during pregnancy

COPE24 offers free teacher resources that accompany each of these videos. They can be downloaded here.

To access the videos please join the MailChimp list. You will be given the link and a password for the student use. We will utilize this contact information via MailChimp, as future decisions are made regarding the school shutdown and our documentary videos.

Thank you teachers, for all you do.

Sign up here to receive the FREE video links and password.

COPE24 just received a $2,500.00 grant from the Grainger Foundation. These funds will be used to impact students directly. Very soon COPE24 will begin offering a grant application process whereby teachers can gain access to our curriculum and videos for free. This donation will jump start this new program. Thank you Grainger.

Grant application is now available here (.docx). See samples of the COPE24 videos.

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Thank you to everyone what made the 2019 Gala such a success!

Parenting and child development education will have a positive impact on the entire educational system and ultimately our nation. Hear this middle school math teacher’s testimony about how the COPE24 system had a positive impact on students and their family.

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Thank you so much for sending me your follow up video [The Life Sentence]. As soon as I saw it advertised I knew I had to have it and then it arrived in the mail that same week!! It is EXACTLY what we need to educate our students about this topic. When combined with the curriculum you have created, it ties it all together in a way that no lecture or textbook could ever do alone.

— Marina Scheiner, FCS & FCCLA Co-Advisor, Smith-Cotton High School