COPE24 just received a $2,500.00 grant from the Grainger Foundation. These funds will be used to impact students directly. Very soon COPE24 will begin offering a grant application process whereby teachers can gain access to our curriculum and videos for free. This donation will jump start this new program. Thank you Grainger.

Grant application is now available here (.docx). See samples of the COPE24 videos.

The COPE24 Golf Challenge Fundraiser

February 24th, 2020 ~
Noon – 4PM

Tournament style play
First Place Winner Prize
Included: Lunch, soft drinks entire play time, bucket of beer in each bay, Hole-In-One competitions, Auctioning off a Ryan O’Reilly signed jersey.
Teams: 6 players
See more details about the challenge here…

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Thank you to everyone what made the 2019 Gala such a success!

Parenting and child development education will have a positive impact on the entire educational system and ultimately our nation. Hear this middle school math teacher’s testimony about how the COPE24 system had a positive impact on students and their family.

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Mission: Making Parenting Skills a National Priority

Methodology: Educating all youth on the stresses and responsibility of parenting.

Let’s Stop the Cycle of Child Abuse With Education That Makes an Impact
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Interview with Judy Redlich

Taking in two foster children sent Renee Howitt on a journey that changed her life. Learn the story of how her experience led her to become an author and founder of a non-profit child advocacy organization, COPE24…Changing Our Parenting Experience.

Family: It’s Complicated

The health of our families is the health of our nation. From the first book of the Bible to the latest news headline, every household has its own generational story of how they interacted, reacted, and treated one another.

(Rene Howitt) is great! She is even adapted her presentation to my Personal Finance classes, pulling in the financial costs to them personally, the stereotypes, and that all the education and perks of a “good life” won’t make any difference if you don’t solve emotional issues.

— Karen Bauer, Oak Grove School District