COPE24’s primary goal is to significantly reduce child abuse and neglect. We want to be reaching young adults before they find themselves in a situation they are not emotionally ready to handle.

Our mission at COPE24 is to equip young adults with skills to become better parents than previous generations. It is the belief of this organization that very little time is devoted to preparing young adults for what to expect when bringing home a baby. If one has been brought up in an environment that is emotionally unhealthy and/or dysfunctional, with regard to child rearing, those are the very skills they may ultimately possess.  

How COPE24 Impacts

Take a glimpse into how Rene Howitt, founder of COPE24, reaches out to students in communities around the Country, educating them on the stress and responsibility of being a parent to an infant, a toddler, young child and a teen.

It is the belief of this organization that very little time is devoted to preparing young adults for what to expect when bringing home a baby and rearing a child. Educating and preparing our youth for parenting will strengthen the American family. Healthier families, void of abuse and neglect, will produce healthier teens and adults; and thereby reduce the cycle of abuse, which will have a major impact on mental health, crime, homelessness, school violence, and prison over population, early release programs and almost every social issue we face as a society. Encouraging our school administrators to guide all students to courses like parenting, child-development, or family living is a critical piece to solving the above mentioned social issues.

Our History

pics1COPE24 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) status organization that was founded by Rene Howitt. Rene has spent the last five years speaking in over 190 Missouri, Illinois and Kansas middle schools, high schools, and universities totaling nearly 18,000 students. Their stories of abuse, neglect, foster care and lack of permanency in their lives led to the founding of COPE24 | Changing Our Parenting Experience. We believe that the way to break the cycle of abuse for the sake of future generations of children is through educating and providing our youth with a coping skill set that may not have previously modeled to them.

Our Hope

We want to give students realistic suggestions and alternative solutions to help them cope with a number of common issues that arise during child rearing. It is our hope that through our Parenting Skills Program, Speaker Series and our book ¬†Whose Best Interest¬† we will see the reduction of not only child abuse/neglect, but also teen pregnancy. While our primary target is middle schools and high schools, we want this model to be available to hospitals, advocacy groups, churches, and community centers to help prepare those that haven’t been previously taught on how to cope with the stress that comes with being a parent.

How You Can Support

We hope you see the value that our Parenting Skills Program and Speaker Series brings to your community. Your generosity will help COPE24 continue to build more programs that will positively impact the lives of our youths. COPE24 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Donation checks should be made payable to:

COPE24 PO Box 510409 St. Louis, Mo. 63151

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