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How Many ACEs Are You Holding?

This documentary aims to educate our students about the topic of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Most educators, counselors and school administrators have, at this point, participated in a professional development presentation including information about ACEs. Now it is time for the students to understand the impact of the generational cycle of family dysfunction specific to the 10 ACEs studied. This work includes several testimonials from adults sharing what their childhood was like enduring this family dysfunction. It should be noted that since these testimonies are very personal and emotional there is language included that otherwise would have been edited out. Woven within these stories is professional commentary so that participants can understand how these ACEs can or is already impacting their lives.

The nation must begin to understand that the parenting, we receive as children, is the foundation on which our adult life will be built upon. Parenting education must become an essential piece of our educational system. Future generations are depending on this.