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Parenting Under the Influence

Parenting Under The Influence is the second video in our “ELEMENTS” series. The ELEMENTS project, is a series of documentary videos that address commons factors typically identified in cases of child abuse and neglect. Parenting Under The Influence relates the element of drugs and alcohol on parenting. How big of a factor is this? What are the short and long term consequences of drug/alcohol use during pregnancy? Are toddlers in danger when they have easy access to drugs? What is it like for the children growing up in a home where the parents choose drugs and/or alcohol over them? These are some of the questions addressed in this video.

Several very brave adults will share their stories. These stories are of children lost to death or permanent removal, children born into this world already suffering addiction and some of the children being raised in wonderful adoptive families. These stories are of adults who have lost their children, freedom and significant portions of their lives. Stories of how drug and alcohol addiction changes everything. Every high school student should view this video.

Professional commentary provided by Dr. Kelly Ross MD, Dr. Jaye M. Shyken MD , Dr. Kimberly Spencer MD, Det. Kendra House, and Mo. State Rep. Holly Rehder.