1. Complete our order form and submit to address below along with payment:
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  2. Complete your School’s Purchase Order & fax to 314-754-8117. Your purchase order needs to include the school district name as well as school’s name, a signature and an email address of the primary teacher using program.
  3. You may also use the cart system to send in a school purchase order. Order still requires the above required purchase order items.
  4. COPE24 will promptly issue your order including an invoice. Payment is due 30 days from receipt unless your state law specifies otherwise. A 2% late penalty will be added to the net total each month after 30 days.
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COPE Parenting Skills Program – $124.95
Fosterhood: Let’s Explore – $16.95
Life-Line: $34.95
Parenting Under the Influence $34.95
The Life Sentence: $34.95
Whose Best Interest? A Fight to Save Two American Kids: $9.95


1-2 Items – $6.90
3-24 Items: $14
25-50: $27