Parenting Skills Program

COPE24 has developed, with input from the Missouri Department of Education, a 2-week Parenting Skills Program to be presented in classrooms around the nation. We want to be reaching young adults before they find themselves in a situation they are not emotionally ready to handle.

What the Program Includes

The Parenting Skills Program includes a Teacher’s Manual with student worksheets and a complete DVD with 10 scenarios played out by professional actors/actresses engaged in situations that happen in homes. View  a 30 second clip of each video plus a detailed description on the videos page. Download a free video to use in your classroom here. It’s our way of saying “thank you!”

How to Order

We hope you see the value that our Parenting Skills DVD Program brings to your community. Having young adults share their cares and concerns is vital and necessary communication if we are to continue to work towards a better future for children. For more information on how to purchase this complete 2 week program please contact Rene.