COPE24 visits Greenfield Central High School

Rene Howitt presented COPE24 to FACS educators Nov. 9th, at Greenfield Central High School in Greenfield, IN.We don’t include every school Rene speaks at on these pages but wanted to give a special shout out to Greenfield Central HS in Indiana. Their class was assigned to read “Whose Best Interest”, Rene’s first book. A student contacted Rene directly, after reading the book, and asked if she would consider coming to their school to speak in their parenting classes. The work of COPE24 targets our HS students so the teacher and Rene made that happen. Rene says ” when a student cares so much that they would take their time to reach out I just had to try and make that happen. It won’t always be possible but this time it was. My thanks to the students and teacher at Greenfield CentralĀ  HS.”
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