Calling All Teachers, School Administrators and Church Leadership

We are currently offering a workshop which subject ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Our childhood experiences, both good and bad, have shaped how we view ourselves, others and the world. The knowledge gained from the renowned ACE Study has moved conversation regarding adults and children from “What is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

The ACE study looked at 10 types of childhood trauma and found that there is an actual correlation as predictors to adult outcomes. Some of the social results relate to crime, addiction, poverty, homelessness and even domestic violence. The evidence is overwhelming detailing the influence on mental and physical health issues.

The knowledge gained from the ACE Study can help our schools, businesses and churches better understand their students, employees, members and guest. This understanding enables us as communities to address our immediate needs and have a vision for the future to increase the health of our families. Healthy families offer schools the opportunity to spend more time on education, businesses to staff employees with a better and healthier work ethic and performance rate and for churches to a better understanding of the immediate needs of their congregation.

Rene Howitt brings insightful and informative data about ACE’s and breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. She is passionate with her delivery and carries a strong message of the positive impact educators can bring to help students overcome the tremendous setbacks they may have faced as children.

Ben Hebisen
Director of Intervention Services
Wentzville School District

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Ms. Howitt gave a wonderful presentation to our local attorneys who serve as Guardians Ad Litem for children in cases in which abuse or neglect has been alleged. Her presentation about the effects of adverse childhood experiences was eye-opening for attorneys who represent children, and many of the attorneys expressed the hope that she would return for a future training.

Rachel Bringer Shepherd
Presiding Judge, Tenth Judicial Circuit
Hannibal, MO