Our second documentary, Parenting Under The Influence, in our “ELEMENTS” series is now available!

As we wrap up filming our latest documentary which subject drugs and alcohol and parenting, I’m filled with great concern for our nation. It’s not hard to imagine that children being raised in a home where the parents are addicts would be at best dysfunctional. Have you ever thought about those infants who enter this world from a womb that was bombarded with alcohol or narcotics? We want to believe that all newborns enter this world on the same start line, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not because of poverty or racism or even a genetic birth defect. But because mom was an addict and continued use during her pregnancy. The children are being abused and they haven’t even entered this world. Within 48 hours the newborn will be in withdrawal. This is every bit as hard on an infant as it is on an adult. Their start line was just moved back a couple of blocks. Many of them will never be capable of entering the race at all.

Hospitals are reporting that of all of the babies in the NICU about 20% are there due to withdrawal. Just think about that! How is this one element dumbing down our nation. Many of these children will barely be capable of graduating from high school. They won’t have the ability of higher learning, critical thinking or taking leadership roles in our nation or their families.

This is tough stuff but if we are to create healthier families we must be reaching all of our youth and educating them!