Family: It’s Complicated – Coming Fall 2018

Family: It’s Complicated – Coming Fall 2018

Coming Soon Fall 2018

COPE24 has begun a movement to get all who live in the USA to understand the need to create healthier families. Our communities will go as our families go. Reaching all of our youth, through our schools systems, is proactive. Most students are not parents and thus we have the ability to enlighten them as to the tremendous responsibility that comes with parenting. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be mindful of those parents in the trenches now. We believe it is time to get our faith-based communities involved in this effort.

Most churches strongly encourage their members to be active and giving of their time within their communities. Why do we have so much brokeness within our communities? We see conditions like crime, hunger, poverty, homelessness, mental health, drugs and alcohol addictions, domestic violence and more. Why? This brokeness exist even within the familes that volunteer their time to these issues. Yes, brokeness happen in the families of faith as well.

Our movement to create healthier families will add another pathway to health in 2018. Founder of COPE24, Rene Howitt, has partnered up with Pastor Tim Wesemann to write a bible study on family dysfunction. What does the Bible have to say on this topic? What kind of families are we introduced to in the Bible? What may God be trying to illustrate to us by these examples? These questions and many more will be discussed as we explore the biblical families in this study.

Watch for the release of this study in the fall of 2018. If your church would want advance information regarding the need for this study please contact us.

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