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Corporate sponsorship and philanthropic individuals are the backbone for any successful non-profit organization. Our mission to “Significantly Reduce Incidences of Child Abuse & Neglect” can only be achieved with your support. Our work with Missouri’s child welfare began in 2008. Then Missouri had 9,300 children in care now we have over 14,000 in care. Our governmental agencies must wait for a child to be harmed then they can react. COPE24 believes that parenting and child development education should be reaching all of our students through all of our high schools. We are taking a proactive stance knowing full well that over 80% of us will become parents. Those that do not will still be in contact with children in their adult life.

We produce reality-based documentary videos that should be reaching all students. These videos will cost in the neighborhood of $75,000.00-$80,000.00 to produce. All of the money we raise goes into this effort. We sell these videos to schools, hospitals and advocacy organization to reach our youth. Those revenues go towards operating expenses. We keep our operating expenses very low. The founder and director, Rene Howitt, isn’t paid a salary. There are no paid employees but rather many volunteers and those we contract with per project.

As corporate sponsorship and philanthropic donations grow we envision a time where our volume is increased to a point where the expense to schools is drastically decreased. Our goal is to be reaching all high school students across the country with this type of very needed education. Right now our sponsors have given us the ability to be in over 450 schools across the country. Even if we are only reaching 100 students in each of those high schools we are already educating more than 45,000 students per year. But we are not ready to pat ourselves on the back. Each state has more than 450 high schools and the student count would be in the millions. A lot of growth is needed.

 Why Is This Necessary?

64% of children grow up in a home facing at least one constant childhood adversity.

10 childhood adversities have been studied extensively:

  • Abuse…physical, emotional, sexual
  • Neglect….physical and emotional
  • Family Dysfunction….children living in home where parents suffers severe mental health, addiction, domestic violence, loss of parent due to divorce or incarceration

How do children navigate into independent living when they have grown up in dysfunctional, unhealthy and chaotic homes or in foster care? Where is the support system?

70-85% of all people falling into the following sub groups came from dysfunctional, unhealthy, chaotic homes or foster care: addiction, crime, imprisonment, mental health, poverty, homelessness and domestic violence.

Our goal, through the educational material and videos we produce, is to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect through education. Even the 36% of students that grow up in healthy homes must be exposed to this education because they are much more likely to marry and have children with someone who is in the 64%. Suddenly, what wasn’t in their family now is!

No other child advocacy organization in this country is taking such a proactive approach to family dysfunction. It is easy to see where this effort will also impact the health of our communities. This work is only possible with much financial help from the corporate and philanthropic world.


Become a corporate sponsor of our one annual fund raising event. This is held the first Saturday in December each year.

2017 Gala Brochure (pdf)

A donation of $400.00 will place all four of our educational products into the school of your choice. This includes the COPE24 Parenting Skills Program, The Life Sentence DVD, Life-Line DVD and Parenting Under The Influence DVD.

Every time a donation of $400.00 is received we have the ability to reach hundreds of additional students with this much needed education. Corporate support is invaluable. Improving the life of our youth will improve the health of our families, communities and nation. Thank you.

Send checks c/o:

PO Box 510409
St. Louis, MO 63151

Some of our wonderful sponsors include

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