Adopt-A-School Program

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COPE24 and Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania (PCA PA) are teaming up!


To educate and evaluate.

COPE24 wants all students in all high schools to be receiving parenting and child development education. Why…because we know education works. If that were not so our government wouldn’t put so much effort and money into mandating that all children receive 13 years of free education in this country. If education works on math and science it is only logical that parenting education would also have a positive affect.


That is where PCA PA comes in. They are creating a method by which we can evaluate this type of education. They are willing to invest their time, energy and efforts into this project. Why….because incidences of child abuse and neglect are on the rise. The opioid crisis has exponentially increased children’s exposure to living conditions that are just unacceptable…


The PCA PA will begin recruiting community leaders throughout the state to purchase all four of COPE24’s educational products and donate these items to a high school of their choice. The items are:

  1. COPE24 Parenting Skills Program
  2. The Life Sentence DVD documents the impact of abusive head trauma on families
  3. Life-Line DVD explores the reality of confronting an unplanned pregnancy
  4. Parenting Under The Influence DVD examines how substance abuse affects a person’s ability to parent

For a contribution of $500.00, will send this educational package to the donor’s school of choice. The donation will be shared by COPE24 and PCA PA with $350.00 covering the cost of materials and shipping, and the remainder towards program evaluation. The donor simply needs to complete the form provided here and mail in a check along with the Adopt-A-School form. COPE24 will ship the items to the school and PCA PA will contact the school to enlist them in the evaluation process. COPE24 will also mail a tax receipt letter to the donor.

Donation Form (pdf)


Who are potential donors? Almost anyone. We all know that schools are on a limited budget. This curriculum has the potential to reach all high school students and introduce life skills that most students will need. Prevent Child Abuse PA will reach out to community service groups like the Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus and more. Corporations, banks, philanthropic individuals and churches can also become a part of this movement. COPE24 and Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania are committed to preventing child abuse and neglect from ever happening by educating the next generation of parents BEFORE they become parents. As we grow and learn, we anticipate sharing lessons learned with other organizations to promote healthy families.

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