Mission: To significantly reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect

Methodology: Educating all youth on the stresses and responsibility of parenting.

Let’s Stop the Cycle of Child Abuse With Education That Makes an Impact

COPE24 has put together, with input from the Missouri Department of Education, a 2-week Parenting Skills Program to be presented in classrooms around the nation. Click Here to see clips of each video.

How COPE24 Impacts

Take a glimpse into how Rene Howitt, founder of COPE24, reaches out to students in communities around the Country, educating them on the stress and responsibility of being a parent to an infant, a toddler, young child and a teen.

It is the belief of this organization that very little time is devoted to preparing young adults for what to expect when bringing home a baby and rearing a child.  Educating and preparing our youth for parenting will strengthen the American family.  Healthier families, void of abuse and neglect, will produce healthier teens and adults; and thereby reduce the cycle of abuse, which will have a major impact on mental health, crime, homelessness, school violence, and prison over population, early release programs and almost every social issue we face as a society.

Encouraging our school administrators to guide all students to courses like parenting, child-development, or family living is a critical piece to solving the above mentioned social issues.

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The intent of the COPE24 program is not to cause students to judge their parents for dysfunctional behaviors but rather provide meaningful conversation for changing behaviors that facilitate the patterns of abuse. The future parents of our nation need to see that their actions and words come with consequences. — Kristi Hodson
Carthage HS, Carthage, MO