Mission: To significantly reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect

Methodology: Educating all youth on the stresses and responsibility of parenting.

Let’s Stop the Cycle of Child Abuse With Education That Makes an Impact

COPE24 has put together, with input from the Missouri Department of Education, a 2-week Parenting Skills Program to be presented in classrooms around the nation. Click Here to see clips of each video.

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I recently had Rene Howitt speak to my classes at Lebanon Technology and Career Center. She did a fantastic job and also showed my students the trailer for “The Life Sentence.” This is a new video that will be available for purchase through COPE24. I highly recommend it. The trailer left my students wanting to see the full version of the movie.
It’s always a great experience having her as a guest speaker, my students really enjoy her and learning a lot from her program.
— Joey Bowling
Early Childhood Careers Instructor