Mission: To significantly reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect

Methodology: Educating all youth on the stresses and responsibility of parenting.

Let’s Stop the Cycle of Child Abuse With Education That Makes an Impact

COPE24 has put together, with input from the Missouri Department of Education, a 2-week Parenting Skills Program to be presented in classrooms around the nation. Click Here to see clips of each video.

Free teacher worksheet now available!

Our first worksheet for The Life Sentence, created by Kristi Hodson (Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher, Carthage High School), is now available.

Grade Level: 9-12
Essential Learning Targets:
Students will:

  • Identify physical, social, emotional (mental), and legal / financial consequences of shaken baby syndrome for families and society.
  • Identify factors (stressors) that are present to cause one to shake a baby.
  • Explore reasons why babies cry.
  • Explore various methods for soothing a baby when it’s crying.
  • Develop a strategy for what to do when alone with a baby that won’t stop crying.

Download the PDF here.

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Rene’s message is a strong one and promotes change to Missouri’s as well as our nation’s foster care system. Rene also discusses ways children can cope; skills they can use if or when they are in difficult situations…Rene’s presentation really got this group of students thinking about a topic we normally have little or no discussion about.

— Louise Lunkenheimer