Mission: To significantly reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect

Methodology: Educating all youth on the stresses and responsibility of parenting.

Let’s Stop the Cycle of Child Abuse With Education That Makes an Impact

COPE24 has put together, with input from the Missouri Department of Education, a 2-week Parenting Skills Program to be presented in classrooms around the nation. Click Here to see clips of each video.

COPE24, Changing Our Parenting Experience, is committed to creating reality-based videos and written products that have proven to be very effective in grabbing the attention of students across the country. Our board of directors has asked us to offer an Adopt-A-School Program to all communities. Where budgets are tight or non-existent we want FACS teachers to have an avenue that would make our material available to them.

Donate the COPE24 Parenting Skill Program and The Life Sentence dvd to a school of your choice now.

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The topics covered in COPE24 videos are dealt with in very real and appropriate ways. COPE24 tales a straight forward approach to sensitive issues. I highly recommend this valuable resource for your classroom use.

— Bonnie Pritcher